Harbinger is a vibrant and happy community school situated in the east end of London. We value the unique contribution every child has to make and believe that children learn best when they feel secure in themselves and their learning environment. We pride ourselves on being a warm and open community, committed to nurturing each individual in our care.

Our values of learning, well-being and togetherness underpin everything we do in order that children thrive in primary school and beyond.

Rebecca Abrahams
Executive Headteacher

Nimesha Nagahawatte
Head of School

Read the latest Partnership newsletter here - September 2021.

In the year ahead, these are the strands of work that we will be focusing on and where you can help us:




Parents and Carers  

Our children are present to learn 

We will monitor the children’s attendance very carefully. We will let you know if we are concerned, and we will seek to work with you to make improvements. 

Establish clearly with your children, that your expectation is that they will attend school. There are very few reasons now why they would not attend, and they are: 

1. They have a temperature that does not respond to paracetamol. 

2. They have vomited within the last 48 hours. 

3. They have Covid. 

If the above are true, keep them at home, for anything else – please send them in. We are caring people and if we think for one moment that they are not well enough to be there, we will contact you.  



Most of attendance issues are about mindset, and once in school children quickly forget and are happily engaged in school. 

Our children are ready to learn 

We will continue to make sure that our safeguarding policies and procedures are implemented well to ensure that our children are safe.   We also make sure that we continue to know our children well, and that we identify if children need additional support, for all needs and including emotional and mental health

  • Let us know immediately if you are aware of anything that might impact upon your child’s well being and readiness to learn. 
  • Furthermore, if you observe changes in their behaviour at home, act immediately, let us know and together we can work out what we can do to support them.  
  • Make sure children do not have access to devices after an agreed time and that they get a good night’s sleep before coming to school. 

Our children want to learn 

We design and deliver a curriculum which is relevant, engaging and exciting for the children across all curriculum subjects.  

We make sure that we maximise the opportunities we have in London to enrich the 

curriculum, bring it to life, and provide memorable learning for the children. 

  • Read the information about the curriculum on our website. 
  • Provide consent for children to attend school trips. 
  • Seize opportunities to strengthen learning at home through visits to places of interest at the weekend and during holidays, joining the library and helping children choose books to borrow that support their learning. 

Our children are enabled to learn 

We are going to make sure that we are using teaching methods that enable children to hold onto their learning long term.  

We are also going to make sure that we assess children carefully, so we know if children are not working in line with where they should be, and we implement catch up opportunities where they are needed. 

Read to your child, every night – in English if this is possible or in your home language. 

Make sure they read the books we send home to you several times a week. 

Make sure they complete their homework, as independently as possible, i.e. you may need to sit with a younger child, but avoid correcting mistakes – we need to see those.  

Let us know if you are concerned about the level that your child seems to be working at. 

Attend Parent Teacher meetings so you know what your child needs to work on. 

If possible, try and support them at home. For instance, if your child finds counting hard, look for opportunities at home to build counting into everyday routines: counting upstairs, downstairs, flat numbers, weighing for cooking, how many plates etc. 

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HUGE THANKS 🙏💛 @BCG_Life & @lespleenart for our fabulous mural,setting space missions for Yr5 & inspiring Yr6!

HarbingerSch | 2 days ago

HUGE THANKS 🙏💛 @BCG_Life & @lespleenart for our fabulous mural,setting space missions for Yr5 & inspiring Yr6!

HarbingerSch | 2 days ago

HUGE THANKS 🙏💛 @BCG_Life & @lespleenart for our fabulous mural,setting space missions for Yr5 & inspiring Yr6!

HarbingerSch | 2 days ago

Check out "Secondary Transfer Online Advice Sessions - Y6" https://t.co/3mF9mGJwLf @EventbriteUK

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"Early years leaders enable children to develop their language skills swiftly."

- Ofsted, 2019