KS2 School Councillors Conference

On Thursday 26th January, some of our KS2 School Councillors were lucky enough to attend a Conference held at Tower Hamlets Town Hall. The focus was democracy, conflict resolution and student-led justice, and was jointly led by Michael Newman and a group of specially trained students from George Green’s School. We worked in the Council Chambers in the Town Hall, used by the Mayor and his Cabinet, and were able to view the Borough Shield.

“It was interesting learning about children's rights and children who led their own courts." - Cecilia

"It was exciting being at the Town Hall and in the Committee Room. I loved sitting in the Mayor's chair and role playing the court." - Shakira

"We made new friends from other schools and had the chance to work with other school councillors." - India

"It was very interesting to learn about Summerhill School and how students are responsible for resolving issues there." - Zahir​

"We were able to feel what it is like to debate, and experience what may be like to be an adult." - Mate


Nadea - Wow!
They're very lucky!

Emily - It looks like a lot of fun.

Shakira - I had lots of fun

"The school curriculum is skilfully organised and prepares pupils well for life in modern Britain"

- Ofsted, 2016