Parents Trip to Greenwich

On Tuesday 4th April parents came along with their free DLR tickets to Greenwich.  Luckily the rain held off and we had a good day visiting The Painted Hall, and the Royal Observatory visitors center.

"I had a really good time, I will take my children to those places, to learn about the wall art history and also about the planets." - Harbinger Parent


Nusrat - I hope they had a nice time

Tishia - WOW! You Parents look like you had an amazing time and had lots of amazing things to see .
When my mum brought me some trip photos back I really wanted to go and see those gorges artifacts and stuff in real life . They looked so amazing in the photos so, imagine how nice they would look if I went there and saw those objects in real life .

Danielle - You parents look like you had a good time together

"Harbinger is a place where children and teachers feel valued, understood and listened to… it is a school which values its staff and pupils as individuals"

- Ofsted, 2016