World Book Day 2017

We all dressed up to celebrate World Book Day.


Hana - You all look fantastic

Nusrat - They all look fantastic

Ayana - I dressed up like Nanny Macphee and painted my teeth black also I drew monobrow to look just like her, had so much fun!!!

Amira - I love world book day 😀😀😀📖📚

Abrar - I love world book day becuse it is Amazing

Myla - Aww!!!

NOAH - Wicked costumes teachers and children

Tishia - Everyone looks so great and the dresses look so exhilarating .

Jannat - I like all of your costumes

Hana - World book day is amazing.

yourboyjack - It was so fun dressing up

Rahma - I love World Book Day.

Raeesa - Yep it's me and I really like your costumes. I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood but using my own clothes. I really miss you guys but I made lots of friends here. Did you guys get my letter yet?

Nadea - I like that picture with all the teachers in it! ☺

Fiona and Tom - Everyone looked amazing! Great fun!

Djamila - I like those costumes and the teachers were really funny and good xxx

michelle - World Book Day is so fun, it's the best time of the year.

Danielle - You look amazing

joe - I love World Book Day.

"Pupils who have special educational needs or disability make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics. This is because pupils are identified effectively and offered the support they need quickly."

- Ofsted, 2016