World Book Day 2017

We all dressed up to celebrate World Book Day.


Hana - You all look fantastic

Nusrat - They all look fantastic

Ayana - I dressed up like Nanny Macphee and painted my teeth black also I drew monobrow to look just like her, had so much fun!!!

Amira - I love world book day 😀😀😀📖📚

Abrar - I love world book day becuse it is Amazing

Myla - Aww!!!

NOAH - Wicked costumes teachers and children

Tishia - Everyone looks so great and the dresses look so exhilarating .

Jannat - I like all of your costumes

Hana - World book day is amazing.

yourboyjack - It was so fun dressing up

Rahma - I love World Book Day.

Raeesa - Yep it's me and I really like your costumes. I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood but using my own clothes. I really miss you guys but I made lots of friends here. Did you guys get my letter yet?

Nadea - I like that picture with all the teachers in it! ☺

Fiona and Tom - Everyone looked amazing! Great fun!

Djamila - I like those costumes and the teachers were really funny and good xxx

michelle - World Book Day is so fun, it's the best time of the year.

Danielle - You look amazing

joe - I love World Book Day.

"Leaders have been successful in creating a highly inclusive school in which everyone one feels valued and respected. The school’s values of learning, well-being and togetherness are well embedded in the ethos of the school."

- Ofsted, 2016