Jade Class - Parent Reading Sessions

Thank you to all of the parents who have attended the reading session in Jade Class over the past 2 weeks. The children have loved it and have asked if we can invite parents in more often! We hope that it helps you to support your children at home with reading which we believe is key to their success.


Shakira - Nice

Amira - I had fun

Amira - I had fun reading with my mum in class.

Treina - I am really really bored 😐 so I'm thinking 💭 about doing a reading 📖 challenge for Christmas 🎄!

Rokib - This was fun!!!

Sami - I really liked this

Ruhan - This was fun

Niaz - I like reading.

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"Teachers say they are proud to work at this school"

- Ofsted, 2016