Jet Class - Gymnastics

Jet class are lucky enough to be working with a gymnastics coach, who has been teaching us to roll, jump and travel across a range of equipment. We will be continuing to work with the coach after half term so that we can improve our gymnastic ability.


Tishia - This looks like Jet class is really enjoying the lesson !

Arman - I love gymnastics, I mostly enjoy the kart wheels.

Ellie keogh - We worked really hard on our rolls and jumps and different movement on different equipment. I want her to come back!

marjia - Loved it

Ellie keogh - Thanks for the photos

michelle - It was so much fun, cant wait.

Armaan Hussain - I love gymnastics

Ellie keogh - I absolutely wicked! I love it so much... Thanks

Nadea begum - We do gymnastics on Tuesdays

Jahirah Rakim - I can't wait until Thursday! I'll love to do more cartwheels! It was SO Awsome!! I just can't wait!

Youcef Kallouche - Marvellous stuff, I hope this won't stop and we get even more coaches to teach us.

Ihsaan Ahmed - I liked gymnastics. Thank you for paying the coach to teach us.

Jack Goodwin - It was awesome

Yacine and Youcef Kallouche - We are happy to have coaches to teach us PE and thanks for the photos

Areez sarwar - I enjoyed gymnastics very much. Thank you for the photo.

"Pupils who have special educational needs or disability make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics. This is because pupils are identified effectively and offered the support they need quickly."

- Ofsted, 2016