Jet Class - Gymnastics

Jet class are lucky enough to be working with a gymnastics coach, who has been teaching us to roll, jump and travel across a range of equipment. We will be continuing to work with the coach after half term so that we can improve our gymnastic ability.


Tishia - This looks like Jet class is really enjoying the lesson !

Arman - I love gymnastics, I mostly enjoy the kart wheels.

Ellie keogh - We worked really hard on our rolls and jumps and different movement on different equipment. I want her to come back!

marjia - Loved it

Ellie keogh - Thanks for the photos

michelle - It was so much fun, cant wait.

Armaan Hussain - I love gymnastics

Ellie keogh - I absolutely wicked! I love it so much... Thanks

Nadea begum - We do gymnastics on Tuesdays

Jahirah Rakim - I can't wait until Thursday! I'll love to do more cartwheels! It was SO Awsome!! I just can't wait!

Youcef Kallouche - Marvellous stuff, I hope this won't stop and we get even more coaches to teach us.

Ihsaan Ahmed - I liked gymnastics. Thank you for paying the coach to teach us.

Jack Goodwin - It was awesome

Yacine and Youcef Kallouche - We are happy to have coaches to teach us PE and thanks for the photos

Areez sarwar - I enjoyed gymnastics very much. Thank you for the photo.

"Learning opportunities are extended outside the classroom with a wide range of extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, visits to places of worships, museums and school journeys."

- Ofsted, 2016