Class List

Class Year Group / Location Teacher
Moonstone Nursery/Reception
Early Year Unit
Vicki Frodsham
Starstone Susan Butcher
Sunstone Jade Ellis
Turquoise Year 1
Lower Hall
Abider Mizabin
Opal Year 1
Lower Hall
Eddi Miller
Amber Year 2
Lower Hall
Tom Bem-Hodgkinson
Topaz Year 3
Middle Hall
Hayley Hatfield
Diamond Year 3/4
Middle Hall
Fiona Keogh
Sapphire Year 4
Middle Hall
Jessica Massy
Jade Year 5
Top floor
Laura Craig
Ruby Year 5
Top floor
Emily Fawcett
Jet Year 6
Top floor
Corinne Greenslade
Emerald Year 6
Top floor
Rachel McCormack-Bland


"Pupils feel extremely valued and respected at Harbinger. They have a wide range of opportunities to have a say and make decisions, and there is a strong presence of pupil voice."

- Ofsted, 2016