Diamond Class - World Book Day 2017

Look at our amazing world book day costumes.


unaysah - All of us look amazing!

Sahil - I see me. I enjoyed dressing up as Darth Vader

hana - I can't believe it ended 😱😭

hana - I can't believe we look fabulous😃

Zerrouk - I loved this day

hana - I am the queen fashion

hana - We look amazing don't we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hana - That 's my class. How do we look?

Zerrouk - I hope everyone likes our world book day

Tishia - Everyone's dresses look really nice !

hana - Matilda! I was Matilda for World Book Day

Jannat - I love the costumes.

Sami - Harry Potter! I was Harry Potter for World Book Day.

Zerrouks mum - You all look fantastic

"Children in the early years unit enjoy a wide range of exciting learning experiences"

- Ofsted, 2016