Jade and Topaz Classes - Reading for World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, Jade and Topaz Classes spent some time enjoying reading with each other. The children really loved it and have asked for it to become a permanent arrangement.


Hana and Malak - It was the best

Nusrat - They must 've enjoyed reading the books

Nadea - COOL!!!😎

Hana - Even though l'm not in Topaz It looks amazing 💔💔🙅🙅😖😖

Jannat - I loved it

Zaki - It was fun!

Amira - I had fun reading with younger children


Tishia - This lesson looks so much fun . I wish my next door class would come and join my class for a lesson !

Reese - This was so much fun

Abid - That was awesome

Abid - It's fantastic

Rokib and Minhaj - This was fun

Deur and Amira and Adam - We had fun reading with topaz class it was even more fun since it was World Book Day!

Rokib and Minhaj - That was fun

Minhaj - This was fun!

"Teachers have high expectations of their pupils and are very aware of the specific learning needs of the different groups of pupils within their class."

- Ofsted, 2016