Topaz Class - Fire! Fire!

On Wednesday 23rd November, Topaz class went on a brilliant trip to the Fire! Fire! exhibition at the Museum of London which marks the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. We had a great time exploring Stuart fire fighting equipment and helping to redesign a safer city after the fire. In the afternoon we went to the Monument, which marks the place where the Great Fire began, on Pudding  Lane. It was hard work climbing those 311 steps, but we all made it and received certificates to prove it!


Ayana - I went up to the to of the monument tower it was so much fun but I was too scared to climb down the stairs, my friend Jannat helped me.

Jannat - It was a lovely trip.

nadia - Amazing

jemimah - It was the best trip ever!

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- Ofsted, 2016