Diamond Project Homework Exhibition

Diamond Class welcomed their parents into their classroom in order to show off their fantastic work. We hope that the ideas will be magpied (stolen) by other parents so that next half term they can produce the best project homework yet!

"I feel proud of my project homework and it was fun learning about how to get stronger" - Ehan

"I feel proud of my project homework because I learnt lots of fact about the solar system" - Ana


Hana - I wonder what this half term projects are?!

Unaysah - I was not here but I saw a lot of nice projects.

Hana (diamond) - I had an amazing time in the project exebition. It was a very good experience for me to have a look at my class mates work. I enjoyed this day and I really hope that it will almost be the best of all even though I am going to be a having a lot of fun in this half term.!!!!!!!

Hana - I miss this day it was really spectacular. I enjoyed everyone looking at my class projects. I well not just me enjoyed this day. I hope it's nearly better than this half term. Anyway I loved looking at my classes project!

Fadumo - I loved it. I Improved my work and worked so hard this year

Fadumo - It was fun

Jumana - That was fun

Fadumo- - I had fun looking at my work and other people work in my class. Parents came but my mum didn't come because she forgot. I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun lol

Sahil - I had a lot of fun researching about the sea life food chain and making the shark out of recycled plastic, newspapers and paint. I liked making the floating jellyfish in blue water too. I had so much fun doing my first project!!!

Zerrouk - I enjoyed showing my mum the work me and my class and next door had been doing

Zerrouk - I enjoyed this

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"Pupils, in all year groups, are keen to learn. They speak with confidence about what they are learning and display consistently strong attitudes to their work."

- Ofsted, 2016