Topaz Class - Museum of London

Topaz visited the Museum of London on Tuesday 5th December. We learnt lots of interesting facts about life in London many years ago.


Malak - I found the trip fun and I fell over but it was still the best trip ever

Nazmin Begum - Hi rudy and maryam and jannat

Maryam Jannat Abdul-Quayum - This is us at the Museum of London. I loved this trip because when we went to the Museum of London it was so interesting about the Romans and the jewellery

Rudy - That was my favorite school trip!!!!!!!!!

Jannat - I love trips

Nazmin Begum - This is us going to the museum of London. We has so much fun and we found out new things. You guys should go there. It is really fun

"Harbinger is an extremely happy school where pupils from different minority ethnic groups play and learn together harmoniously..."

- Ofsted, 2016