Ruby Class - Making Greek Ships

Parents joined Ruby class for a morning of Design Technology – making Greek ships.


Yaasin - Was so fun

Nusrat - They must of had a fun time with their parents!

Nadea - I like that photo of me and my boat!😃

zaki - Well done!!!!!

Sami - Wow! Everyone's ship looks amazing well done

Leonie - This was so fiddly but it was fun 😎😋😀😉😺😸

Hannah - I loved all Ruby Classes ships and it was fun.

Wassim - It was so much fun making the boats

Rosie - It was so much fun making the lovely boat

Treina - Ruby you have been amazing at making those ships they look wonderful !
Excellent Ruby class !

Tishia - It was fun but exhausting too and after we did it it was a real mess !
Laura could not believe it but then me and all the classmates tidied up the classroom and it looked a bit more tidy but not completely.

Hannah's brother - This is really good class I hope you have so much fun

Djamila - Me and my mum loved making the boats

Anna (Leonie's mum) - This was such a fantastic activity...
I really loved meeting the other children in Ruby class, as it feels like it doesn't happen as often as it used to when Leonie was younger.
Thank you Laura and all the other staff for your hard work.

Rahim Huda - Really enjoyed this day! Brought back some great memories I had when I was student at Harbinger!

Leonie - I loved doing this!

Nadea - That day was so fun!!!

Jahirah Rakim - Wow! Everybody's looks so amazing well done Ruby!

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- Ofsted, 2016