Jade Class - You Can't Test This

We use Pokémon characters to understand and apply a growth mindset to our learning in Jade class. We spent the first part of the morning creating our own Pokémon characters with a growth mindset. We drew them, gave them growth mindset qualities and then made them from plasticine. After break, we did writing or acting of our choice. This included: song writing, growth mindset rap, diary writing from the perspective of a Pokémon, Puppet Pals - growth mindset situations and much more).

Here are a few pics from our morning,


Treina - That was the best day ever !!!!!!!

Fiona - I agree!

zaki - I loved it!

Tishia - Now I now what you guys did in you cant test this day.

Deur - I loved it!

Deur - It was fun.

Joe - That was so much fun

Sami - Jade class is the best!

"The homework set by teachers is used to consolidate the learning that takes place at school."

- Ofsted, 2016