Jet Class - Pivots and Levers

In Design Technology, Jet Class have been learning about pivots and levers. We designed boats which had moving oars and invited our parents to help us make them.


Shakira - It was the best

Amira - That looks fun!

Asha - I had a lot of fun making my boat with my mum and my friend.

TISHIA - Wow! Everyone's boats ⛵️ look super cool 😎

Raeesa Salim - I really loved making this with my mum it was very creative to make them

Nadea - We made boats in ruby class too.

Ellie - I like me and my friend and dad in the photo. All of the ships are wicked

Jahirah Rakim - Me and my mum loved this activity! OH! I wish I could finish it......

Robbie - It was very fun

"Children in the early years unit enjoy a wide range of exciting learning experiences"

- Ofsted, 2016