Jet Class - Violin Concert

The violin players in Jet Class treated the rest of Year 5 to a concert. We heard some of the songs which they have been working on, including Blueberry Pie and Jingle Bells. The audience were very impressed by the violin players' musical skills.


Redwan Tafadar - I love violins and I love playing the G and D notes. I wasn't in on that concert.

Shakira - I love the fact they can play jingle bells.

Djamila - I❤️Playing the 🎻

Asha - I ❤️ Playing the 🎻 in the concert in front of Jet and Ruby classes.

Youcef - I was at the violin concert and it was awesome and the violinists were on fire especially on jingle bell. All of the violinists were amazing.

Ellie keogh - I look very concentrated and focused. It is very hard you should try...

Tishia - I went to the violin 🎻 performance and it was lovely 😊 the year 5s were playing like real violinists so well done keep on going!!!!!!!!

Inaaya - I love violins

marjia - Awesome!!

Ellie - I look very concentrated on my work! It was really fun and hard.

michelle zheng - I was so worried about this but well done everyone who played the violin.

"Harbinger is an extremely happy school where pupils from different minority ethnic groups play and learn together harmoniously..."

- Ofsted, 2016