Year 6 Designing a Plate of Nutritional Food

Design Technology this term involved Year 6 designing and making a plate of nutritional food that would appeal to young children.


Nadea - Its been 2 years and I did that!

Nusrat - That looks so delicious!!!!!!

Jahirah rakim - Wow I can't wait next year! I'll love to do this!

Tishia - Yum yum I wish I could have done this!❤️💠❤️

Myla - Awesome to make and do - year 5 are in for a real treat next year!!👍🏼

Carla - I never did a project like this before, I did enjoy it very much.

Nadea - They look yummy and creative! I wish I'd done that!👍😉

Emily - So much fun and so tasty I loved it thank you Alice 😘

"Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education because they are making good progress."

- Ofsted, 2016