Year 6 Writers Journey

At the end of September Year 6 went on a residential school trip - ‘Writers Journey’. We stayed at Youlbury Scout Camp, Oxfordshire in ‘Bear’s Den’.

Author, poet and story-teller Sean Taylor and singer, musician and storyteller Cath Little led the journey and our work centred around a story told over the three days. We had a fantastic time!

"I liked going into the forest to write a poem."

- Anetha

"The rooms were big and comfortable."

- Zahin

"The stories that Shaun and Cath told us were exciting."

- Kaif

"I think school journeys are a great way to bond with people"

- Alketa


Teddy - It was cool🤑

Myla - The trip was a fantastic experience for us I learnt quite a lot more about how to construct and make a story from Cath and Sean!!!😌😍
Thank you Alice and Corrine!!!

Melina - That was an amazing trip! Best trip of my life really thanks Mandy, Corinne and Alice it was so good!!

Alketa - It was soo fun!!

Tishia - That must have been really good 😊
I wish I could go there!!!!!!!

Emily - I loved it so much I am still doing one of the stories 😂😂😂😂😂😎😘

samiha - I really enjoyed it so much thanks Katherine and Shun 😀😀

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